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We are the Leader in Construction Industry Equipment

Our fast turn-around time makes it possible to meet the demands in construction industry environments

Besaram has been growth in trading and manufacturing light construction equipment for nearly 18 years. Its extensive market sales network has put its products onto infrastructure and construction sites over a decade, enabling the Company to contribute to development and serving the market over these years.

We take pride in our corporate policy, which emphasizes the importance of not only benefiting end users, but also sales agents and distributor. By taking a quality-first stance, the Company is aiming to provide reasonably priced products that continue to meet the evolving needs of users.

Reasonable Price

Fast turn-around time

Ready Stock

Wide Range of Equipment

Reliable & Trusted Brands

Extended Warranty

Besaram's growing technological capabilities have enabled it to develop and manufacture dependable, highly durable products which are easy to operate and require minimum servicing over long periods of use - the hallmark of Besaram (Toyoseiki) products. Having built a strong after sales, service and spare parts provided to fulfill the day after maintenance requirement.